Thank you for the Jewish Culture Festival 2021

Part 2 of our 3-year-old 10th anniversary of the Jewish Culture Festival Trondheim 2021 is over for this time. We thank all the artists and contributors for great cultural experiences at this year’s festival. And not least, we thank a fantastic audience that made the festival a memorable weekend.

The aim of the festival is to be a regular part of the city’s rich cultural life, and that the audience feels they get some good experiences. And we are proud to receive the Trondheim municipality’s culture award, and Torgkona followed closely everything that took place at the festival from its place of honor in the right corner of the stage.

This year we have all too often had to say that the event is sold out. Due to covid restrictions, we could not drive at full capacity and had to scale down the number of seats sharply. We say a special thank you to all of you who did not buy a ticket and have shown great understanding of today’s challenges. You are most welcome to festival 2022!

One of the most important pieces in such a festival is the volunteers. – We have many who use their free time and show up every year! The management of the Jewish Cultural Festival Trondheim thanks our volunteers for their fantastic efforts during this year’s implementation. Without you, no festival, and we would like to have more with us.

Foto: Ann Kristin Andersson og R-Studio

Awarded the Trondheim Municipality’s Culture Prize for 2020!!!

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