Festival 2021

A number of prominent artists and musicians from whole Norway, as well as from the Trøndelag will join together in elevating the Jewish Culture Festival 2021 to new heights.

September the 4th, violinist Arve Tellefsen will be standing on the podium of the Trondheim synagogue to play the violin of the famous pre-war “Palmehaven” conductor – the late Jac Maliniak.

Composer and musician Henning Sommerro, will present his new work with an orchestra of eight musicians on stage. They will perform a piece of the commissioned work – “People of the book”. This project should have been performed in connection with the festival’s tenth year anniversary last year. But then, there were such strict infection control measures that we arranged only a mini festival.

It is still rather strict this year as well, but now, we are aiming at filling at least half the hall during festival’s concerts, talks and lectures.


Jewish Cultural Festival is organized with both public and private support

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